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'"~ ~~n;passlO!;te1{~l&;'dentists For contact information or a directory, AOA":: membení 'may cal! the ADA's toll-free nuinber," Ext.2662; nonmembers may call 1-312-440-2662. Information al so is avai!able by e-mailing Marcj a Mclímney, senior project assistant, at "". - Do you want to know more about stressmanagement, mental health, addictive disorders or other issues that may compromoise a dentist's well-being? ADA members may call the ADA's toll-free number, Ext. 2622, to speak with Linda Keating, manager,Dentist Well-Being Programs, ADA Council on Dental Practice. Nonmembers may call1-312-440-2622. Information also is available by e-mailing Linda Keating at "". - For information ontreatment resources with specific understanding of dentists' issues, ADA members may call the ADA's toll-free number, Ext. 2622; nonmembers may call1-312-440-2622. Information al so is available bye-mailing Linda Keating, manager, Dentist Well-Being Programs, ADA Council on Dental Practice, at "". - The Council on Dental Practice sponsors the Golden Apple award for Excellence inDentist Well-Being Activities. Constituent dental societies will be eligible to submit an entry and to gain recognition for a meaningful volunteer activity. ADA members may call the ADA's tollfree number,Ext. 2599; nonmembers may cal! 1-312-440-2599. Information also is avaiÍable by e-mailing Ron Polaniecki, manager, Dental Society Services, ADA Council on Dental Practice, at "".~hb'·ri~dlif~~.


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accept a recommended plan of treatment, and how to inspire confidence in their professional abilities. Dentists learn about hierarchy and peckingorders within the profession and the appropriate ways to communicate with colleagues that breed mutual respecto They learn how to get along-or not get along-with people from other disciplines. They...
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