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The Municipio of Catemaco

The municipio of Catemaco is located app. 100 miles south of Veracruz City, in the
center of the Sierra Los Tuxtlas along the Gulf in east central Mexico.

It is themost visited county in Los Tuxtlas, harboring app. 47,000 inhabitants (2005).

The county occupies the valleys of Lake Catemaco and Laguna Sontecomapan and is hemmed to the west
by the slopes ofVolcano San Martin Tuxtla, to the east by the slopes of the Sierra Santa Marta and to the
north by the Gulf of Mexico.

Aside from the large central lake and the coastal lagoon, there are severalother lakes and dozens of small
streams, riddled with rapids and waterfalls that crisscross the landscape.

The Catemaco economy enjoys a rich mix of tourism, cattle
part of federal and stateelection districts headquartered in San
Andrés Tuxtla.

To the west the county borders on the municipio of San
Andrés Tuxtla, south to Hueyapan de Ocampo, and east to
Soteapan, Tatahuicapan deJúarez and Mecayapan. 11 miles
of coastline along the Gulf of Mexico hem the county to the

Central coordinates for Catemaco are:
18° 25′ 00″ N, 95° 07′ 00″ W.

The City of Catemacodraft

More than half of the county's 275 square miles are protected
by the, mostly in name only, Los Tuxtlas Biosphere Reserve.

Archaeologicalfinds indicate an Olmec presence in the
municipio before 0 BC. A civilization influenced by the
Teotihuacan empire has also been documented in the area,
with a settlement of perhaps 35,000 inMatacapan between
San Andrés Tuxtla and Catemaco.

The first hispanic mention of "Acatemaco" as a landholding of
Santiago Tuxtla occurred in 1580. Officially Catemaco was
founded in 1774.

Theclimate is subtropical, averaging 76f year round. The
The hottest month is May, averaging 84f high temperatures,
and January is the coolest, averaging 69f low temperatures.

The rainy season begins...
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