Determinacion azucares en refrescos

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Determination of Sugar Content
in Commercial Beverages Using Density

Background Information
Commercial beverages with high sugar content, such as fruit juices, iced tea, lemonade, thirstquencher drinks, or carbonated beverages, are used in this activity. Through the use of distilled water, and standard solutions, we will use graphical analysis to determine the percent by mass ofsugar in three of these beverages.

Pre-lab Questions

1) Define the terms:
a. Solution
b. Solvent
c. Solute
d. Percent by mass (concentration unit)
2) What are the twomain ingredients in most commercial sodas?

• 10-mL graduated cylinder (red base)
• pipettes
• distilled water
• standard aqueous sucrose solutions (10, 20, 30 % m/m)
•commercial beverages
• digital balance

Although the solutions are very safe in this experiment, students should wear goggles at all times because of the glassware that is used.Procedure
1. Measure the mass of an empty dry 10-mL graduated cylinder.
2. Add distilled water to the graduated cylinder to the 10 mL mark. Be sure to use the bottom of the meniscus.
3. Completelydry the outside of the graduated cylinder and measure the mass of the cylinder and liquid.
4. Pour the water into the sink, and dry the graduated cylinder as much as possible.
5. Repeat steps2-4 with the standard sucrose solutions. Be sure to label the data table correctly with the proper concentrations. Return the sugar solutions to their original containers.
6. Repeat steps 2-4with the commercial beverages. Pour the samples into the sink.
7. Before leaving the lab, copy the amount of carbohydrates per serving and the serving size from each beverage label.

Data andCalculations

|Data Table 1 Group Data |Mass |
|Empty graduated cylinder...
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