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Jack C. Richards and Richard Schmidt Fourth edition

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related word part of speech aphasia n aphasic adj also dysphasia loss of the ability to use and understand language, usually caused by damage to the brain. The loss may be total or partial, and may affect spoken and/or written language ability. There are different types of aphasia: agraphia is difficulty in writing; alexia is difficulty in reading; anomia is difficulty in using propernouns; and agrammatism is difficulty in using grammatical words like prepositions, articles, etc. Aphasia can be studied in order to discover how the brain processes language. see also neurolinguistics

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computerassisted language learning n also CALL the use of a computer in the teaching or learning of a second or foreign language. CALL may take the form of a activities which parallel learning through other media but which use the facilities of the computer (e.g. using the computer to present a reading text) b activities which are extensions or adaptations of print-based or classroom based activities (e.g.computer programs that teach writing skills by helping the student develop a topic and thesis statement and by checking a composition for vocabulary, grammar, and topic development), and c activities which are unique to CALL. see also interactive video

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dysphasia n another term for aphasia

CALL n an abbreviation for computerassisted language learning

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agrammatism n see aphasia

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This dictionary is intended for: • students taking undergraduate or graduate courses in language teaching or applied linguistics, particularly those planning to take up a career in the teaching of English as a Second or Foreign Language or in foreign...
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