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GEMS Issue 10, Uncontrolled Copy


Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc. Pemex Project English-Spanish Glossary
Project Version 1 September 2003 1380 General Terms and Definitions 157 Roustabout Manual terms 261 Project Personnel Titles This glossary is provided for personnel on the Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc. Pemex Project as a courtesy by MasterWord Services, your translation provider. Allterms in Spanish are adjusted to Mexican and Pemex terminology, excluding spoken slang. Where possible the terms in Spanish have been substantiated with official Mexican and Pemex sources. These include Official Mexican Standards and Regulations (NOM, NRF, etc.), as well as cites from the Petroleum Works Regulation of Mexico. In addition, various Pemex documents are indicated as sources. Wherepossible, we find it helpful to include definitions and explanations of the terms in view of the fact that a broad cross section of persons are involved in different aspects of these projects and may be aided by these descriptions. Principal Sources: • DUE (Diccionario del Uso del español, Maria Moliner, 2da edición), Gredos • OED (Oxford English Dictionary, 2nd Edition, unabridged) • Merriam-WebsterUnabridged Dictionary, Third International Edition, Merriam-Webster • Glosario de términos marítimos (SCT, Mexico, Department of Communications and Transportation, in charge of navigation and ports) • Conceptos Básicos de Perforación, UT Austin. • Schlumberger Oilfield Glossary, Schlumberger • Illustrated Petroleum Reference Dictionary, 4th Ed. by Robert D. Langenkamp A variety of other sourcesare also included. Sources are italicized. Where there are a number of options separated by forward slashes, they are listed in order of preference. The glossary will be periodically updated to include new terms and definitions as well as the inevitable corrections. The new version will be sent out to project personnel. Your participation is welcome. Please feel free to provide comments, correctionsor additions to Aaron Ruby, Senior Technical Editor, at MasterWord Services. Please send your comments, corrections, contributions or questions to: aruby@dodi.com or masterword@masterword.com


GEMS Issue 10, Uncontrolled Copy


GLOSSARY English — Spanish ENGLISH ¢ / cl / C.L. (Drawings: centerline) able seaman / able bodied seaman (A member of the deck crew who is able to performall the duties of an experienced seaman; certificated by examination; must have three years sea service. Also called Able Seaman and A.B.) abundant cuttings abuse (equipment) access trunk (vertical shaft with ladder in a vessel) Accidental Hazardous Waste Spills Statement acknowledgement of receipt validation system active pit (mud pits) administratively terminate AFE (Authorization for Expenditure)aft (vessel) AHTS (anchor handling tug/supply: Combined supply and anchor handling ship. Seismic ship: Conducts seismic surveys to map geological structures beneath the sea bed.) air chisel air drilling ("A drilling technique whereby gases (typically compressed air or nitrogen) are used to cool the drill bit and lift cuttings out of the wellbore, instead of the more conventional use of liquids.The advantages of air drilling are that it is usually much faster than drilling with liquids and it may eliminate lost circulation problems. The disadvantages are the inability to control the influx of formation fluids into the wellbore and the destabilization of the borehole wall in the absence of the wellbore pressure typically provided by liquids." Schlumberger Oilfield Glossary) air gap(offshore structures: space between the lowest level of the cellar deck and the design wave crest) air port / airtight door air tugger / "air hoist (a hoist operated by compressed air; a pneumatic hoist. Air hoists are often mounted on the rig floor and may be used to lift joints of pipe and other heavy objects." Dictionary of Petroleum Terms, Petex, OSGA) alarm beacon alert zone (Hurricanes) all clear...
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