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Earthquake of Chile of 2010

The earthquake of Chile of 2010 was an earthquake happened to them 03:34:17 local time
On Saturday, the 27th of February, 2010, which reached a magnitude of 8,8degrees, Opposite to the localities of Curanipe and Cobquecura In the surroundings of conception . closely of 2 minutes 45 second, at least in Santiago. Was perceived largely of the Cone South by diverseintensities, from Ica in Peru for the north up to Buenos Aires and São Paulo for the east . The zones most affected by the earthquake were the Chilean regions of Valparaiso, Metropolitan of Santiago,O'Higgins, Maule, Biobío and The Araucanía, which more than 13 million inhabitants accumulate, near 80 porciento of the population of the country. A strong tsunami impressed the Chilean coasts asproduct of the earthquake, destroying several localities already devastated by the telluric impact. Juan's Fernandez archipelago, in spite of not feeling the earthquake, was impressed by the swells thattriumphed with his populated only one .
The earthquake is considered to be like the second one more loudly in the history of the country and one of five more forts registered by the humanity. Only it isovercome on the national level by the cataclysm of Valdivia's earthquake of 1960, that of major intensity registered by the man by means of seismometers. Victims and property damages
A housedestroyed by the earthquake. The effect of the earthquake, due to his high magnitude, was devastating. Great part of the localities of the regions of the Maule and Biobío they remained completely destroyed.Official sources coded the day later to the disaster in half a million the number of destroyed housings and in at least another million and a half of damaged in some measure. As the number of victimswas spending the timepo increased VAT staying this way on March 3, when the number of deceased came to seven hundred ninety nine. Minutes after happened the earthquake, in diverse affected cities...
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