Dominican's immigration (english essay)

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Dominicans´ immigration

For many years the Dominicans have had to immigrate to other countries
like The USA, Spain, Italy, etc. Some causes of these immigrations are: looking
for a betterlife, persecution or simply because their family lives there.

The Dominicans immigrate looking for a better life because in the
Dominican Republic there is a high rate of unemployment. Thepeople who don't
have a good education can't get a good job. Those people who live in a unsafe
house or some who don't have houses decide to immigrate to USA or other
countries. The effect isthat in the other countries they can have jobs that pay
enough to support their family and their children can have a better education.

Persecution is another cause of these immigrations.Persecution is when
somebody wants to hurt or kill you or in those places where you are in danger
for some reasons. For example; my mom immigrated to Puerto Rico because my
dad wanted kill her, andshe immigrated for that reason. Immigrating to other
countries the Dominicans can have a safe life like my mom.

And the last cause of Dominicans' immigration can be simply because
theirfamily lives in these places. These Dominicans usually have a good life, a
good education, good jobs or have a career already, but they decide to be with
their family, like their mother, their fatheror both. That was my situation. I
immigrated because I had to live with my mom, but in the Dominican Republic I
was studying and I had a good life but I was not living with my mom, and for thisreason I had immigrated to Puerto Rico. When Dominicans immigrate for this
reason they can be with their family and be happy beside them.

In conclusion the Dominicans immigrate to othercountries for many
different reasons,and these reasons are good. As a result they can achieve a
better life and good effects. In my opinion, when we do something good, we
always get good results.
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