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I think thart this documentary was very interesting, it showed to us the different changes in the earth, and how we the humans make changes on our planet too.
The existence of our planet began whena cathatropphe occurred with tea the earth’s twin , it crash with the earth and then tea dies. Thank to that crash our planet took more strength.

Tea helped to our planet particulary in one thing,the gravity that essential for our lives .
The earth and the power of the planet
This documentary is very interesting because it shows you how the earth has evolved in this time andhow the humans have changed over time, and that is what I have explained in these lines.
There are a lot of people that doesn’t know how the existence of the earth began well some people think thatthe earth had a twin called tea and had a similar orbit, but something catastrophic happened its twin impacts against the Earth and tea died and that gave more strength to the earth like the gravitythat we have now.
This gravity it’s very important for the earth because with out it we can’t survive, as Mars, millions of years ago were a planet like ours had rain, rivers, but all that disappearedas the atmosphere grew weaker until it disappeared completely and is now known as a dead planet.
The atmosphere gives us very important things like the climate, life, but the most important it givesus protection. There are a lot of things that are in the space that can hit the earth, that’s why the space is very dangerous, and that’s why we have to take care of what we are doing to the earthatmosphere whit all the contamination we are making holes in the atmosphere and that makes that enter a lot of craters like the one in Arizona or in brazil.
There is another very serious problem withthe icebergs are melting, this causes loss of animals such as bears drowning because they tire of swimming a lot and that's why the ice is so thin that doesn’t support its weight and breaks.
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