Ejercicios Conditionals

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1. I didn't renew my subscription because I lost interest in the magazine's articles.

2. He was too slow to win the race.

3. I won't go to Rio unless I find a cheapflight.

4. I never sunbathe because I get sunburt easily.

5. She will understand you provided that you don't speak too fast.

6. He won't come for a drink because he's got work to do7. She's too young to get a driving licence.

8. They lost the match because of the heavy rain.

9. Whenever Peter and I meet, we talk about the good old times.

10. Should you seePaul, tell him about the meeting.

11. I didn't go to Helen's party because she didn't invite me.

12. We'll go to the beach unless it rains.

13. Ann can't buy a new car because shehasn't got enough money.

14. You can get access to the Intranet only by having a password.

15. She feels lonely since she hasn't got any friends.

16. Carlos Sainz didn't win the MonteCarlo Rally because his car broke down.

17. Should you require more information, ask at the desk.

18. Jim missed the plane because he arrived late at the airport.

19. I don't have amodem, so I can't e-mail you.

20. I didn't send them a postcard because I didn't know their new address.

21. She isn't passing her exams because she isn't studying hard enough.

22. I'dlike to buy a bigger flat, but I haven't got enough money.

23. I didn't get to the meeting on time because my car broke down.

24. I never travel by plane because I get ear ache.

25.I won't go to the party if you don't go with me.

26. If I had been told about the situation, I would have dismissed them.

27. The restaurant was full so we couldn't get a table.

28.You can attend the meeting as long as you are a club member.

29. I'm too busy to go to the pub.

30. Ice melts down when you heat it.

31. We didn't see The Two Towers because the...
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