Ejercicios Del First Conditional

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1 | If Clare ___________________   late again, the hockey trainer will be furious. (to arrive) |
2 | You'll be sorry if you ___________________  for your exams. (to revise) |
3 | We___________________  if the weather's good. (to go) |
4 | They ___________________  you if you wear a wig and dark glasses. (to recognise) |
5 | If the bus ___________________ on time, I won't missthe football. (to be) |
º6 | If you ___________________ your homework now, you'll be free all tomorrow. (to do) |
7 | We___________________  out if there's no food at home. (to eat) |
8 |You'll find life much easier if you ___________________ more often. (to smile) |
9 | If it's hot, we___________________  for a swim. (to go) |
10 | You'll do it better if you___________________ more time over it. (to take) |
11 | If she ___________________ practising, she'll get better. (to keep) |
12 | Mum will be very sad if Jim ___________________ Mother's Day again. (toforget) |
13 | I___________________  so happy if I pass the exam. (to be) |
14 | You'll be really tired tomorrow if you ___________________  to bed soon. (to go) |
15 | The government___________________  the next election if they continue to ignore public opinion. (to lose) |

1. When I (get) up yesterday, the sun (shine) .
2. It (is) a beautiful morning.
3. So I (decide)to cycle around a little.
4. I (go) to the shed and (take) out my bike.
5. While I (cycle) past some villages, I (see) some people in their gardens.
6. One man (mow) the grasswhile his wife (pick) strawberries.
7. After one hour of cycling in sunshine, a big fat raincloud suddenly (appear) and it (start) to rain.
8. Luckily, a farmer (notice) me and (tell) meto come in.
9. While it (rain) outside, I (sit) in the farmer's house.
10. After a while, the sun (come) out again.
11. I (thank) the farmer for his hospitality and (move) on.
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