El Aprendizaje Del Idioma Ingles

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Everyone learns in a different way; understand this helps the teachers to make their classes in an effective way for their students, and also to facilitate the teaching process.
Talk about learning and teaching is one of the most interesting things, no matter if you are a teacher or you are a student, it is always going to be useful to know about how to teach, and also what kindof strategies you can use to improve your own learning.
All the students have different reasons to learn things so the teachers have to know what kind of motivation their students have, in order to help them to achieve their targets.
Nowadays we have to make our classrooms in a place to wake up the skills, capabilities and talents, a place where our students have the chance to experiment, learnand make and also a place where they are able to be.
There are so many definitions about learning styles, that try to talk about all of them required a very long thesis, so I´m going to considerer only a few learning styles.
Some authors said there are four learning styles, and these are:
Active: Based on the direct participation of the students, using practical tasks. Ischaracterized by initiative and take risks.
Reflective: Carefully reasoned about the object or action, that the person is going to do. They have an imaginative skill, recognize problems. Analytic and observant.
Theoretical: They think and make hypothesis about new knowledge. Is a logical, objective, critical and structured person.
Pragmatic: They identify the truth that gets from the practice. Isrealistic, direct and practical person.
A. Woolfolk has another definition about learning styles, She divided into 2 groups Field Dependence and Independence and impulsive and reflexive.
Another theory is about Left Hemisphere Style and Right Hemisphere Style, in a general overview, left hemisphere is rational, sequential, logical, practical, verbal, etc. and the right hemisphere is intuitive,simultaneous, imagination, visual, fast, metaphorical, etc.
The communication is a very important process in order to get the learning; we need the communication to interchange ideas, needs, information, wishes, knowledge, etc. The communication start with the thoughts, then we transmit them. Is useful to think that we use our senses in an internal way. The representative systems are the ways that wecollect, store and encode the information in our mind.
These representative systems also called, learning channels, are visual, auditory, kinesthetic, we always use these 3 primary systems, even when we aren´t aware of that, we tend to prefer one over the other 2. When a person used on a regular basis one of the channels, we can said that that is their preferred system or primary system and theyare able to make more fine distinctions using that channel. That means that they are talented to do some tasks, or they have skills to do things in an easy way. The important thing is to be able to change from a channel to other, depending which is the most useful in every task.
Know this information, helps the teacher to find new teaching strategies, to encompass the learning strategies fromtheir students, when the teacher indentify the process that their students follows to learn things, they can make easy the whole process. Present the information to the students in their primary channel, allows to use their natural skills and resources more effectively, but also we have to consider that doing it, in this way reinforce a rigid learning, so sometimes the students has to be able to useall the channels to make a freer learning.
Some characteristics of a visual learner:
They think in images, and they use it to memorize and remember.
They access colors and space relations.
They like the reading
They need a global vision to learn
They need to make plans, think in targets and objectives.
Some strategies to teach using the visual channel:
Use visual words like, see, look,...
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