El Cid Campeador

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Yesterday I was sitting in that chair for the porch
that chair so many times given me
and I started to remember
things that I loved so much
wine festivals and most importantly it's you
andsuddenly a tear fell from my face
when I realized I could not stop and stop mourn
but the tears were of happiness

By that I remembered: that moment we were united
the laughter and tears of the twothe song and you made

and then I saw you cross the front door with a face of coolness and thought I do not want more

remind me suffer and felt love for you
and still continue to feel
two yearsago when I met you
remember you with laughter serena
those brown eyes that made me mourn for happiness
and that was my desire to spend my life with ati
because you're beautiful and serene
but youdo not know

 I'll love you till the end of my days
but can not be
because you do not even know that I exist
but when I'm about to throw in the towel
I see your eyes the color of Coca_cola

because it is so difficult that I want
and thought from the dream I had yesterday with the chair on the porch and that, on that day that haunts my head
The day you and I see for the first timealone in that place so much I want to show
is my heart that beats and beats for you
And are you: The person to miss me happy
Because you: do not stop smiling
and while I was alone in myordeal
I think and think tims in my whole life
And are you: the princess of my dreams
Because your: always have such beautiful eyes
and while I: Micara laughs at me and in my soul there is a crythat is not able to tell
That I Love You

I try to stop but can not react
because you put me all hard
or that's what I think I am suffering
and I will not be crying come home alone a radiolistening lonely love that song it's you
softening my crying in alchol
and listening to the rock bottom of my heart
I do not want to get up there
I want the day to come soon
to see you again
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