El skateboard

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The skateboard

The Skateboard is a sport that is going on a Wood table with four wheels on a concrete surface, ramps, or a skate park while doing tricks when he’s rolling. The skate boardingdivide on two groups: street and vert.

Street: is a type of skate whit was invented principally for Rodney Mullen so is considered one of the best skaters of the history as long as he invented almostevery tricks of the actually. This type based in going to the street doing some tricks on a free space.

Vert: is a type of skate based in doing tricks on a ramps in a special space with thenecessary equip. the vert skate was dive in two groups: mini ramp and mega ramp.
Mini ramp: this type is practice of almost all skaters and can be practiced on any free space.
Mega ramp: this type is oneof the most dangerous that is down a ramp over 3meters high jump and reach another ramp .

The skate board is was created at the beginning of the century in 1960 as a substitute forsurfboard for the street, placing four wheels on the surfboard. At first the new skate was attracted many people and became a moda which still continues. In the actuality there are an estimated of 40.5million of skaters of which 84% are under the age, 74% are men and the ofther 26% are women.

Main skaters:
1. Tony hawk: the most famous skater of the world
2. Rodney Mullen: the created ofalmost all tricks
3. Bob burnquist: the most famous on mega ramp
4. Chad muska: it`s a American skater famous for your best Ollie
5. Bam marguera: It’s a American skater and a member ofjackass
6. Ryan sheckler: winner of the x games 16
7. Nyah Huston: the professional skater most young of history
8. Lin Z: famous women skater
9. Vanessa Torres: famous women skater
10.David Gonzales: the most famous Colombian skater
11. Tony Alva: one of the skater of the old school

The principally events of the skateboard are the XGAME and the GAME OF S.K.A.T.E....
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