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William: hi friend my name is William this is my colleague, and we are going to tell you about an interesting topic, and this topic is about ufos, and in this moment my colleague is going to expalinus about ufos phemonen.
......go ahead.

Andres: hi friend my name is andres and i want to tell about ufos, first one we must to know what’s the meaning of ufo ,the meaning of ufo is “undentifiedflying object”..

William: is true that this phenomenon began in 1947?
Andres: you right, this phenomenon was popular in usa, when an american pilot was flying in his plane and he saw somethingstrange flying around it and since 1947 people have seen strange objects in the sky.
William: that’s sound mysterious, but an interesting story. Tell me more Can ask you something?
Andres: yeah whynot?
William: why people didn’t say anything about this phenomenon?
Andres: that people who saw this phenomenon did not want to lose face in front the public.
william: I want to tell you that lastweek i was reading a newspaper in it i could find some information that people said lies about UFO sighthings, but why happen that?
Andres: it happen becuase some people manipulate pictures relatedwith UFOS for later send it to organizations related to this topic, waiting to get some money.
William:ohhhhhhhhhh men human cunning has no limits.
Andres: that is true..
Wiiliam: and i want to knowsomething, what kind of objects do you know, or is there any clasification for these objects?
Andres: oh yes, there are some clasifications for undentified objects.
There are foo fighter and thisis the oldest kind of UFOS.
Cigar, this a common sighthing the most of people have seen this kind of object in the sky.
Worms and triangle that are the most common sighthing aroundthe world.
William: talking about other things, do you believe in aliens?
Andres: oh yes I do...and what about you?
William: yes i believe in it, because i think that we aren’t the unic people...
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