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lusJuan Carlos Larios Coronado
English Level II
Hour: 15:00 – 16:00
Homework #1

1. You really hates de Tetris jingle! I know that because you told me that when you were wasted.
2. Areally good gimmick is the phrase that tells you ¡You will go to lose 5 Kg in a week!
3. A good promotion program needs a great personal and a good idea.
4. I think that the political campaign isa really waste of money and makes a lot of contamination.
5. The position of my brand is better as that brand because I have more quality and better critics.
6. My best friend given to me alittle chez token, it was the horse peace.
7. The best way that you can make more famous your new product, is with a mailshot to all your friends.
8. The man who gives the voice-over on thiscommercial, have a really good voice.

Homework #2
Exercise 2
1. This is the machine which revolutionized tool making.
2. There´s the factory where your grandfather used to work.
3. Theyhave launched a new computer who is called “the Einstein”.
4. That´s Julie Klein whose promotion was a complete disaster.
5. I´ll always be grateful to Mrs Rahman who gave me my first job.Exercise 3
William Freitag is an ex-RAF pilot whose hobby is rather unusual. He enjoys entering competitions which involve calculating or guessing distance. If he does not win, he challenges thesponsoring company in court where he claims his method of measuring distance is more accurate than theirs. There is a company who produces coffee whose has had to pay his damages (compensation) over sucha competition. There is also a battery company whose competition has caused it is similar legal difficulties.

Homework #3
1. My grandfather was obligated to retire of the 2nd worldwide warbecause he received a bullet in the butt.
2. I was dismissed of my last job because I always arrive late to my place.
3. My last job was boring because after 2 months, it became redundant and...
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