English evaluation

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NAME:_________________________________________DATE: ____________________________

I.- Write “C” for Cognates or “FC” for False Cognates in the parentheses.Coffee ( ) Hamburger ( ) hospital ( )
Figures ( ) Fabric ( ) embarrassed ( )
December ( ) accident ( ) family ( )
Rope ( ) desert () magic ( )

II.- Complete he fact file.
Bejnamin Geza Affleck was born on August 15th, 1972, in California, but he now lives in New York. His two best friends are Matt Damon andGwyneth Paltrow. Matt was Ben’s childhood best friend, and Gwyneth was his girlfriend, but now she’s just a really good friend. Ben’s an actor. His most successful movies are Good Will Hunting (He wrotethe script with Matt Damon) and Daredevil. He likes motorcycles. He owns five. He Hates flying.

a. First name:_______________________
b. Middle name: ____________________
c. Surname:_______________________
d. Date of birth: ____________________
e. Place of birth: ___________________
f. Occupation: _____________________
g. Best friends: _____________________
h.Likes: __________________________
i. Dislikes: ________________________

III. Complete the following grammar sentences writing the number in the correct line.
1. Was eating / 2. pastprogressive / 3. were doing / 4. past progressive
5. worked / 6. Played / 7. Ended / 8. –ed / 9. went / 10. simple past

a. The simple past tenseis used to talk about actions which happened and were completed at a specific moment in the past:
He played basketball yesterday. I went to Oaxaca last summer.
b. The past tense formof most regular verbs is made by adding -ed to the verb:
work = worked play = played end = ended
c. The Past prograssive can be used to talk about actions which were...
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