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[Note: The letters between the slash marks / / refers to the sounds of the word endings]
The past tense of all regular verbs in English end in -ed and forthis reason it may give the impression that the pronunciation of all regular past tense verbs should be easy. However, the “-ed” ending is never pronounced as such. There are in fact three possiblephonetic endings which are used; /d/, /t/, or /id/. The phonetic endings used are based on the following rules.
1. When the spelling of a regular verb ends in d, t, or de, te, the -ed is pronounced asa separate syllable: /id/. Pronounce the id as in the sound of the id in the word kid. Therefore, if the spelling of a regular verb ends in either of these letters, the past tense will have one moresyllable than the simple form.
add (1 syllable)-->added /id/ (2 syllables)
recommend (3 syllables)-->recommended /id/ (4 syllables)
start (1 syllable)-->started /id/ (2syllables)
contact (2 syllables)-->contacted /id/ (3 syllables)
2. The -ed of the regular past tense is pronounced as /d/ after a voiced sound. The voiced sounds are sounds that are produced byvibration of the vocal chords. The voiced sounds in English are:
a). All vowels (A, E, I, O, U and in some cases Y)
b). /b/, /g/, j sound (as in judge), /l/, /m/, /n/, /r/, voiced th (as inbathe), /v/,
ng (as in bang), zh sound (as in azure), z sound (as in buzz)
Examples: robbed, hanged, judged, called, rammed, learned, blurred, clothed, received, buzzed
3. The -ed of theregular past tense is pronounced as /t/ after a voiceless sound. The voiceless sounds are sounds that are produced with no vibration of the vocal chords. The voiceless sounds in English are:
a)./c/, /f/, /k/, /p/, /q/, /s/, /t/, voiceless th (as in with), ch (as in watch), sh (as in wash)
Examples: laughed, talked, stopped, kissed, watched, washed
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