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Choose the correct answer.

1.- Do you live in Madrid?6. In a house.

[pic]A. Yes, I live [pic]A. Do you live in a house or a plane?
[pic]B. Yes,I do [pic]B. Does you live in a house or a plane?
[pic]C. Yes, I am[pic]C. Are you live in a house or a plane?
[pic]D. Yes, I does [pic]D. Live you in a house or a plane?    

4. -How oldare you?

[pic]A. I have 21 years old
[pic]B. I am 21 years old
[pic]C. No, I'm not
[pic]D. I have 21 years

3.- Do you have a sister?

[pic]A. No, I haven't
[pic]B. No, I don't
[pic]C. No,I doesn't
[pic]D. No, I don't have

4.- They are from Brazil
[pic]A. Where are they of?
[pic]B. Where is they from?
[pic]C. Where are they from?
[pic]D. Where are you from?

5. - She's ateacher
[pic]A. What's her job?
[pic]B. What's she job?
[pic]C. What's his job?
[pic]D. What do she job?

|Which word is different from the others?|
|7.   [pic]shop assistant    [pic]cook assistant   [pic]fireman |
|8.   [pic]sister   [pic]mother    [pic]wife    [pic]husband    |
|9.   [pic]live    [pic]like    [pic]have    [pic]those   |
|10. [pic]three    [pic]eight    [pic]twenty-five    [pic]umbrella    |
|Rewrite these sentences for he...
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