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How vitamin deficiencies affect the body

First of all vitamins are one of the sources that we need in our body, they provide a lot of nutrients that we need in our body. Not having the vitaminsthat we need in our body can provide some diseases like: beriberi, rickets, scurvy, pellagra, night blindness, etc. In this paper I am going to describe what disease you can get depending on whatvitamin your body needs to get.
The deficiency of vitamin C in our body can cause scurvy. Scurvy is a disease that you can tell when you have loosened teeth, bleeding under the skin, wounds that take tolong to heal and anemia. The symptoms of scurvy are: you lose body weight and fatigue in your body.
What the vitamin C contains is an acid called ascorbic acid which is found in many fruits andvegetables things that teenagers don’t like to eat, that is why the greatest amount of people that get this disease are teenagers.
The next disease is rickets this disease is caused by the lack ofVitamin D in your body. It causes problems in your knee that it makes some difficulty to walk, builds up calcium in your bones and your ribs can get disordered. You can prevent this by giving your childvitamin D, vitamin D is in: egg yolk, fish and milk products.
Beri Beri is a disease that you can get because you don’t consume much vitamin B. Some of the symptoms of this disease are: theenlargement of the heart, anorexia and constipation. The vitamin B that you need in your body is found in: vegetables and whole grain cereals but for the cure you need to get a injection of something calledthiamine. Another disease that you can get for they missing of vitamin B in your body is pellagra. Pellagra is a disease that causes diarrhea, inflammation in your skin and mental problems. You cantreated the same way as Beri Beri.
This disease is a general description of all the diseases or symptoms you an get for the lack of Vitamin A in your body that causes the deficiency of the eyes. Some of...
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