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There was once a bride and groom very happy.
Some people thought that Edward was a littleodd, mysterious, but for Natalie it was the best man in the world, not to mention he was a little jealous andpossessive. After a time they decided to marry.
It was a exemplar and happy marriage. After two years of marriage, Natalie thought it would happen the best of her life; what she did not know wasthat after that his life changed forever. She was pregnant. Since then the castle where he lived, the castle of love and the universe where she spined became her worst nightmare.
Eduardo driverreturned, jealous, haunted, he shouted her, he didn´t let her go out, Natalie had to stop working, he take her cell and all sources of communication with others
Tired of this one day, Natalie she wasnervous spoke strongly to her husband telling him to separate if he not changed and he didn´t had right to see her son because she would go as far as possible from him. This allowed Eduardo changed a bit,but this change lasted only during pregnancy.
At birth the child, Natalie was happy, thinking that their marriage was perfect again and now with a beautiful son, but did not, for Natalie now thingswould be much worse.
Eduardo tried to behave as before and she spoke with the clear right away.
Eduardo with his jealousy thought she wanted to go out to the streets to see another man that finallyallowed he take off the mask of the perfect man.
Eduardo was obsessed with his wife, which aroused the fury inside her made he start to beat her, to abuse, to do evil, she didn´t let he shut her,but not to allow her to escape he didn´t let she take the child. Now her loved one, the best man in the world became his worst enemy.
Natalie was a day to do grocery shopping, seeing Eduardolingered, she began to think that his wife was with another, blind with rage he thought the child was not on it, if not imaginary lover that she had placed his wife.
Eduardo grabbed the child, so Natalie...
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