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Rosa Delia Barajas Barba
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Lic. Colin Carberry

“Prophecies? End of world? End of an Era? Or just superstition?”

Nowadays peoplenot only in Mexico but in the world, talk about the Mayan prophecies of 2012 on what the Mayans predicted it would happen on December 21, marked the day the world ends. Twenty or more years ago hardlyanyone knew about this date. Today, if you search the Internet you will find many pages of 2012 if there was ever a time that seemed to correspond with "Time," "Judgement Day" or "Final Day" is 2012.Much is said with speculation about what will happen on this date, specifically in the winter solstice, people speak of a natural disaster or a world war, others warn of supernatural events,alien visitations or some unpredictable cosmic phenomenon not seen so far that irrevocably alter the nature of our perception of reality, still others see on this date the ancient biblical propheciescompliance, or more scientifically, some speculate that this date might mark the beginning of a new cycle in the history of the earth.
I think of all this, as in all things all we have to make isthe message that would leave us the subject, that in this case would try to stop the destruction that humans generate the planet because this is something that if fully tested and is not based onspeculation or prophecy, the damage caused if our species can destroy the planet at a time that is becoming increasingly shorter. This should be a watershed for the same time stop wars of all kinds,especially those used in nuclear weapons that generate immediate destruction and sequelae almost impossible to erase.
After all are assumptions that should not be taken too seriously because if so, wouldcause panic group and of failing to heed these doomsday prophecies, fear could cause great tragedies, or alteration of financial markets that would lead us to crisis world, so you only have to do the...
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