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Present simple – 3rd person singular ( -s)

- most verbs add –s : Works, drives, plays, runs
- we add –es when verbs end in – o : does, goes– s : misses
– x : mixes
– ch: catches
–sh: pushes
- when ther is a consonant before –y, change to –ies: cry->cries
*but : buys, says, obeys
- we read /s/ after /f, p, t, k/ : laughs, puffs, drops, kicks, lets
- we read /z/after /b, d, g, l, m, n, ŋ/: robs, adds, digs, fills, dreams, runs, rings
vowel + w/r : draws, stirs
/v/ : lovesvowels: sees, pays
- we read /iz/ after /z, dž, s, š, č, x/: loses, manages, passes, pushes, stitches, mixes

Past simple – 3rd person sg
- the regular past always ends in –d
- verbsending in –e add –d: phone/phoned, smile/smiled, arrive/arrived
- verbs not ending in –e add –ed: ask/asked, clean/cleaned, video/videoed
- one-syllable verbs – double the consonant: beg/begged,rub/rubbed
- two-syllable verbs – double the final consonant when the last syllable contains a single vowel letter followed by a single consonant letter and it is stressed: pre´fer/preferred, re´fer/referred
*but: ´benefit/benefited, differ/differed
- when there is a consonant before –y, it changes to –i before –ed: carry/carried, try/tried
*but: play/played
– /d/ :opened, knocked,stayed
after /b, g, dž, l, m, n, v, z/: rubbed, tugged, managed, filled, dimmed,
listened, loved, seized
after vowel + r : stirred
–/t/ after /k, s, č, š, f, p/: packed, passed, watched, washed, laughed, tipped
– /t/ or /d/ : dreamed /d/, dreamt /t/ = burn, lean, learn, smell, spell, spill, spoil
– /id/ after /t, d/: posted,...
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