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RapidShop 4.4.2
Version 4.4.2. Last Update: November 20, 2009

Excel to Shopping Cart eCommerce and Product Management Procurement System

1. System Overview and Requirements
2. RapidShop Licensing, Pricing and Limitations
2.1. Full Version
2.2. Free Limited Version
2.3. Upgrading Free Limited Version to Full Version
3. RapidShop Installation
4.RapidShop Administration Configuration
5. Creating Product Catalog
6. Publishing Online
7. Technical Support and Upgrades
8. Customization
9. Terms of Use
10. Contact

1. System Overview and Requirements

Tailored to the needs of small business and busy professionals RapidShop 4.4.2 is Microsoft Excel macros-based ecommerce/catalog online publishing program with easy to workinterface and full managerial control over Shopping Cart, Discount Levels, Shipping, Tax, Financial Clearance, Product Categories and Subcategories, Product Listings, Images, and other business as well as web development objectives.

RapidShop 4.4.2 operates offline in any supporting Microsoft Excel 2000/2003 environments (Windows/Mac), yet present version has not been actively tested for alltypes of mobile devices.

2. RapidShop Licensing and Limitations
Presently RapidShop 4.4.2 grants two types of annual licenses per user:

2.1. Full Version
Unlimited product categories.
Single User License up to 100 product listings $99
Single User License up 500 products $149
Single User License up 1000 products $199
Single User License up 2,500 products $249
Single User Licenseunlimited products $399

URL-reference release License $50

2.2. Free Limited Version
Limited up to two categories and up to 10 products catalog fully working version contains ether RapidShop or RapidShop nominated third party advertisement block, and displays large RapidShop copyrights and other legal information reference links.

2.3. Upgrading Free Limited Version to Full Version
Upon testingFree Limited Version user is capable of upgrading it to Full Version by purchasing license and endorsing License Codes into fields “Buy” and “Activate” located in Administration’ .

3. Installation
RapidShop 4.4.2 download package represents zip file containing all components of the system.

3.1. Extract zip folder contests on user-administrator’s desktop, make sure that computer you areextracting files to is dedicated for ongoing operations and is same unit that will be covered by license agreement when desired to upgrade from Free Limited Version to Full Version and where license is to be installed.

3.2. Upon extraction of zip-folder contests to the dedicated computer’s desktop, run your Free Limited Version as it explained in chapters 4, 5 and 6.

3.3. To upgrade from FreeLimited Version to Full Version, open RapidShop 4.4.2 MS-Excel file, select Menu tab and proceed with purchase by pressing button “Buy”. You will be forwarded to the financial clearance with presently available following payment options: VISA™, MasterCard™, American Express™, Discover™, Dinners Club™, JCB, and online checking. Your license and software activation code will be send within 24 hoursto the originally indicated email address.

3.4. As your receive license and activation code, install your license by clicking button “Activate” from “Menu” worksheet of your RapidShop 4.4.2 Excel file.

4. RapidShop 4.4.2 Administration Configuration

4.1. Enabling Macros
In order for the algorithms to work properly, you will need to enable the macros.
In RapidShop 4.4.2 Excel, selectTools -> Macro -> Security and set the "Medium" Security Level. Save your changes and exit document, and open file again – you will be prompt to enable macros.

4.2. RapidShop 4.4.2 Contests
Extracted RapidShop.zip folder contains following files:

5. Operating RapidShop.xls and Creating Product Listings/Catalog

Enable macros and ether run all commands of RapidShop from “Menu” or from...
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