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The problem
The problem is the extintion of the Giant armadillo in Colombia. Even dought the armadillo is width spread around the world, in Colombia the armadillo population is decreasing in biglevels.
In Colombia, the armadillo inhabits in “los llanosorientales” as we can see on the map. They are very famous there as a typical dish with high levels of proteins.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Why the problem?
The armadillo is known as the seven meats flavor, because it taste as chicken, cow, rabbit, pork and other animals. Because of that,the armadillo is hunted for food. Another reason, is that as an exotic animal, the armadillo is kept as a “pet” by collectors. And other just kill them to make some sort of accesories out of theirShell.
Whats has been done so far?
Colombian laws are supose toprotect species in danger of extintion, and the ministry of enviroment is the one in charge of that job.
Also he corporación autónoma regional del valle del cauca, is trying to send a message of howdangerous it is toe at armadillo’s meat, and the importance the armadillo has for agricultura as it helps by eating pests that put in danger the agricultura yield.
The pólice is the one in charge to getdirect to the source of the problem, and as you can see they have, but it’s not enough!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
What can we do?
As we know now, there are laws to protect the armadillo in Colombian constitution, So what we want to do is to send a message so people don´t keep their mouth...
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