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Concept of person
Unity between body and spirit
* No one is exactly the same. Each one of us has our own personality with which we present ourselves to others. It adjusts or changes according to the different roles we play through our life and in society. “We are body and spirit”
* Spirit is made up of immaterial, abstract parts. It can’t be touched. It occupies no physical space andcan’t be perceived by our senses. It is this component by which we develop mental or psychological activities of abstract and universal character. Things like thoughts, elections, and decisions are developed by our mind. The same way the spiritual part lets us experiment all this heap of feelings like happiness, sadness, love, hate, compassion, anguish, justice and solidarity. All the sentimental,intellectual, religious, and axiological concepts develop here.
* Body is made up of physical, material and organic parts. It shares the characteristics and natural laws of every living being. As living organisms, the body is a set of atoms, molecules, organs and functions. This holds to the law of birth growing reproduction, sensibility, disease, pain, and death. The human body is also heldto the laws of physics, because it’s mass, it occupies time and space.
* Our affective area
1. Desires: wish, impulse
2. Sensations: a mental process (as seeing, hearing, or smelling) resulting from the immediate external simulation of a sense organ.
3. Emotions: the affective aspect of consciousness awareness of mental reaction (as anger or fear), spontaneous.
4.Feelings: capacity to respond emotionally especially with higher emotions involves values, anti-values.

* Health is one of the fundamental aspects in the universal declaration of Human Rights (Article 25). From the axiological point of view, HEALTH represents, next to life, the highest level on the scale of values. The World Health Organization defines health as a state of complete physical,mental and social well-being. Not just the absence of pain or disease.
* What’s health? It’s the sum of the physical, mental and social well being.
* Physical health: The condition of the body.
* Mental health: condition of your mind &expression or your feelings.
* Social health: quality of your relationships with others.
* Behaviors
*Healthful behaviors: actions that increase the level of health and others
* Risk behaviors: actions that might be harmful to you or others.
* Risk situations: situations in which another person’s behavior threatens your health.
* 10 Areas of Health
* Mental and emotional health: responsible decisions, expressing feelings, handling stress.
* Family & social health: familyrelationships, friendship, peer, persuade, getting along.
* Growth and development: mental, physical, social changes throughout life.
* Exercise and fitness: benefits of exercise.
* Alcohol, Tobacco and other drugs: drug use, misuse, abuse.
* Disease and disorders: prevention, causes, signs, symptoms.
* Injury prevention and safety: self protection strategies.
*Consumer health: consumer protection agencies, personal habits, products.
* Environmental health: promote health for people and the environment.
* Health implies a series of preventions and care. This means taking care of myself, the correct function of sanitary systems, politics of the state, environmental attention, a balanced diet, ethics and social life styles.

Practices that strengthenyour body
* Practices for the body (yoga postures, breathing exercises, energy balancing) their purpose is making our body (“temple of God”) an important place to carry the energy of the Holy Spirit.
* Practices for the mind (meditation, contemplation, study of spiritual teachings) these polish the mirror of the mind so it can reflect divine light more clearly and brightly.
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