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Instructions: Choose an option to complete the sentence.
1. The _______ indicates actions / situations that started andfinished at a certain moment in the past.
a) Present simple tense. b) Past progressive tense c) Past simple tense.
2. Benito Juárez was born in:
a) Puebla b) Veracruz c) Oaxacad) México
3. You are a good:
a) Teacher b) Baker c) doctor d) student
4. The students need some ______________ to finish the exam:
a) Love b) time c) like d) hate
5. Mariana_________________ chocolate
a) reads b) hates c) speaks d) talk
6. They ________________ to play foot-bool all day.
a) hate b) love c) like d) hates
7. He __________ finished his home worka) has b) have c) will d) was
8. She __________ beautiful
a) will b) were c) has d) is
9. These verbs change their structure to form the past simple tense.
a) Regular verbs b)Irregular verbs. c) personal pronouns d) eat, read
10. In this subject you learn about sports and practice some of them. Sometimos your teacher talks about the history of them

a) Mathematics b)English c) Physical Education d) Spanish
11. In this subject you learn about historic events and personalities who lived in the past

a) Mathematics b) History c) Spanish d) PhysicalEducation

Write the following sentences in the past simple tense

12. I visit my grandmother. ________________________________________________
13. Juan and his friends play soccer in thepark._______________________________

Read the dialogue

Octavio Paz
He was born in Mixcoac in Mexico City. He had the opportunity to study for a year in the United States. He wrote The Labyrinth ofSolitude in 1950. His best known poem is Sunstone that he wrote in 1958. Paz wrote poetry, texts analyzing civilizations, art and literature. He was Mexico’s ambassador in
India from...
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