Examen Ingles

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I. Read the next text and answer the questions.

This is Mike. He's 13 years old and he's a student. He's from Aguascalientes. His mother's name is Jacinta and his father's name is Pablo. Hismother is a teacher and his father is a mechanic. Mike has two sisters, Antonia and Guadalupe. Antonia is 11 and Guadalupe is 8. Mike is a good student. His favorite subject at school, is History and hisfavorite band is Banda El Recodo!.

01 Where is Mike From?
A) He´s from Toluca
B) She is from Manzanillo
C) He´s from Aguascalientes
D) She isfrom Tecomán

02. How old is he?
A) He´s 8 years old
B) She is 11 years old
C) He´s 31 years old
D) He is 13 years old-------------------------------------------------
03. What´s his favorite subject at school?
A) His favorite subject is History
B) His favorite subject is Biology
C) His favorite subject is Math
D) Hisfavorite subject is English

04. What does he do?
A) He´s mechanic
B) He is a student
C) He´s a good student
D) She is a teacher-------------------------------------------------
05. What does his father do?
A) His father is a mechanic
B) His father is a student
C) His father is a teacher
D) His father is Mike-------------------------------------------------
06. what music type he likes to hear?
A) Music of rock and roll
B) Music of banda
C) Music of Trio el Recodo
D) Mariachi’s music

Look atthe pictures and answer de questions.


07. Complete the sentences.-------------------------------------------------

Mario and Nelly are _________ now.
A) dancing
B) studying
C) running
D) swimming...
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