Examen Ingles

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Choose the correct word to fill in the gap
1. Are there ______ apples in the kitchen?
A) much B) any C) some
2. That is _____ interesting book.
A) the B) a C) an
3. I went ______church last Sunday.
A) at B) in C) to
4. What _____ he like? - He is very friendly.
A) does B) did C) is
5. I ________ a new car last month.
A) bought B) have bought C) buyed
6. How ________money do you have in your pocket?
A) many B) few C) much
7. He came ______ home late last night.
A) - B) at C) to
8. Jack is a nice boy, and I like _____.
A) - B) him C) his
9. I get up______ seven o'clock every day
A) in B) on C) at
10. I like __________ music.
A) listen B) listen to C) listening to
11. What __________ in your free time?
A) you do B) do you do C) are youdoing
12. My father _______ in a bank.
A) works B) work C) is working
13. Would you like _______ coffee?
A) any B) an C) some
Choose the correct word to fill in the gap
1. I _____ drive a car.A) can't to B) can C) want
2. He likes watching TV ______ evening.
A) in the B) at C) during
3. It ________ rain tomorrow.
A) is going to B) will C) is
4. I drove my car _____ the garage.
A)in B) at C) into
5. _________. Is there a post office near here?
A) Please B) Excuse me C) Pardon
6. I live in ______.
A) italy B) Italy C) Italian
7. The shop is at the end of this street _____the right.
A) at B) in C) on
8. The bank is _______ the post office.
A) near of B) next to C) next
9. There are ______ books on the table.
A) any B) an C) some
10. I would like _____ rice.
A) aB) one C) some
11. I went to Paris three years _____.
A) last B) ago C) time past
12. Do you like ______ Chinese food?
A) - B) an C) some
13. He speaks English _____.
A) good B) well C) gooderChoose the correct word to fill in the gap
1. He is a very _________ driver.
A) carefully B) careful C) care
2. He ___________ visit his brother next week.
A) is going to B) will C) is
3. I'm...
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