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STUDENT NAME: Amada Iris Alvarado Ambrocio and Anita Celene Alva Saucedo CARNE: 200741961-------200741959

Unscramble the words in parenthesis to complete the dialogue.

Carol: What is Guatemala like?

Maria: (a/ country / it / very / beautiful /is )

It is a country very beautiful

Carol: What´s the capital of Guatemala?

María:(Guatemala / is / it)

It is Guatemala

Carol: (like / the / what / capital / is/ ? )

What is the capita?

Maria: (very / is / it / big)

It is big very

Carol: And the people ?( they / like / are / what )

They are what like.


1. c..
It´s a pleasure to meet you, Ramiro:
a. Good b. Yes, I am You, too

2.Are you students?
Yes, we are b. Yes, they arre c. Yes, he is

3. b.
Is Mr. Delgado married?
a. No, she isn´t No, he isn´t c. Yes, they are

4. c.
Are you Martina?
a. That´s Sam over there b. Nice, to meet you John Yes, I am

5. Where are you from?
a. Nice to meet you b. My name is Julia I am from Jacaltenango

6. b.
Howare you?
a. I´m Maidy Great c. take care

7. a.
What do you do?
I´m a manager b. Fine, thank you c. I´m Cande

8. b.
How do you spell that?
a. Right over there M-e-n-d-o-z-a c. And you?

9. a.
What is your occupation?
Engineer b. Inginer c. Ingeniero

10. a.
What is your occupation?
Athlete b. atlete c. atleta

Write ten occupations youknow:

1. Secretary
2. Teacher
3. Doctor
4. Singer
5. Nurse
6. Musician
7. Writer
8. Photographer
9. Tailor
10. Pilot
DIRECTIONS: Use a Wh question word to complete the following questions.
1. Where are you from? I am from Jacaltenango
2. What is your address? My address is canton San Sebastian from Jacaltenango
3. Whatis your name? My name is Claudia.
4. How are you? I am fine thank you.

DIRECTION: Unscramble the words in parenthesis.
1. What is Jacaltenango like? It is (beautiful / a / very / town)

A very beautiful town
2. And the people? ( are / they / what / like)?
They are what like
3. They ( very / are / polite )
Are very polite
4. What is the Rio Azul like? (is / a / vey / beautiful / it / river )
It is a beautiful river
5. ( it / cold / is )? It is cold? Yes, it is.
Complete the sentences with HOW MUCH or HOW MANY.
1. How much money do you spend on food each week?
2. How many eggs do you want?
3. How many sleep do you get every day?
4. How much time do we have?
5. How many more questions do wehave to answer?

Use there is or there are.
1. There is an onion on the table.
2. There are a few doughnuts on the table.
3. There are some melons.
4. There is cucumbers in the refrigerator.
5. There is tomatoes on the table.

1. Put the words in order to make questions. Then listen and check your answer.
a. To/work/do/drive/you/?

Do youwork drive?
b. Do/how/get/to/you/work/? __________________________________________
c. Does/how/it/long/take/? ____________________________________________
d. Way/do/do/on/the/what/you/? ________________________________________
e. Your/have/a/does/city/subway/? ______________________________________

2. Complete the paragraph with the correct form of the verbs below.
Get uptake read listen work go have watch

Paul get up at seven every morning. He take a cup of coffee and take a train to work. He usually read the newspaper on the train. He go from nine to five. In the evenings, Paul listen to music and watch television at home. Sometimes he have out with friends.

3. Complete the...
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