Extracts From Other Reflective Learning Journals

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Extracts from other Reflective Learning Journals

e-Business Systems – My Learning Reflections

Through our class discussions and group activities, including the great buzz sessions, myclassmates have been great teachers in helping me with my learning (ie, peer learning). One of things that was most important from my perspective was understanding the value of e-Business relationships and wayin which information systems can be integrated in the online environment. Turban et al (2008) Table 5.1 provided some interesting models from which to understand the concepts and principles, and Ibelieve my own online experiences in terms of Internet service and goods purchases work to reinforce my understanding of the artefacts that make up such systems. That said, I really felt I understoodthe e-Business strategy concept best when I read an article from the Journal of Electronic Commerce Research (Pagiavlas, 2005). The article discussed the use of mobile commerce strategies in the USAirline industry and gave me a better and deeper appreciation of how strategy tools could be used to create a sustainable competitive advantage and implement an effective e-Business business model. Itopened my eyes to the idea that e-Business has a unique and operationally defined segment in all business and corporate entities. This is something that I will be using in my work in the future – nodoubt.

IT Support for the Organization – My Learning Reflections

In the class we looked at the Mintzberg (1983) model of organizations and while I happily compared it with the higher level Turbanet al (2008) model of IS support of people in the organization (Figure 2.7), I think both models have a place in the theory. Neither is more right or more wrong than the other. They are just differentand tell me different things about similar (yet non-identical) concepts. I think the Mintzberg (1983) model is more about the people and where they fit into the organization, while the Turban et al...
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