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IF I was a car

If I was a car I wonder what I would be. WouldI be the hot red sports car with leather interior. I doubt it. I would have AM FM Radio and even though it’s no CD player I get you want you want. My accessories are in pretty good shape, forexample; my window wipers are fresh and new symbolizing a new start to wipe away the rain. The engine would have some problems because of experience, but other then that it would be honest, and would keepon giving as long as it could. If I was a car, I would become the best.


It’s 5:38 am. I’ve woken up early, not from a nightmare, not from insomnia, but out of inspiration to expressit. It is a curse. I think about our world. Amazing how such a tiny humble little creature can make so much noise. Five minutes is no time at all really. We spend it smoking or talking about what ourfriend or child or colleague did or didn’t do - that they should have done. We spend it making our great big plans. We spend it watching football or going to toilet or just daydreaming. I often thinkabout silly things.

I doubt of politics. I doubt of media.
They are just telling stories people want to hear.
I do not trust in a president. I do not trust in a priest.
I only trustin myself. We are all liars.
I curse on bad days. I hurt people even if I do not want to,
just as everybody does.
I am a badass. I am a sinner. I really am.
But I am not the only one.
Weare all bad. We are all sinners.
But we will all fade away, as the case may be.
We will all burn out.
It is not just me. It is you as well.


As I watched thespeedometer arrow slowly make its arch, I don’t pay as much attention to the road as I should. I know I should be watching my mirrors more, and using my turn signal, and yet I can’t bring myself to...
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