Fanaticism That Exceeds The Rationality

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Fanaticism that exceeds the rationality

When fanaticism exceeds the rationality, it could bring devastating consequences for a person and also for those who are around; in extreme cases,fanaticism could cause damage for an entire community. In many cases, when someone talks about fanaticism, people often think this is always related to religion. However, there are other types of fanaticism.Another very common type of fanaticism apart from religion is fanaticism towards any football team; these two types of fanaticism are the most known. As a result of these people have come to hurtthemselves or others.
Fanaticism in religion happens when a person tries to impose his beliefs because he thinks these are the only valid ones and for that reason forces the people around him to believein the same way he does. People who are fanatical in their religion persecute those who do not belong to this, in order to convince them to join their religion. In fact, these people use quiteillogical arguments to convince people to adopt their religion. For instance, one of the best known arguments used is that if a person does not join to religion, the person will go to hell. In addition,people who are fanatic of their religion also stalk and punish those who do not get to practice their own religion. As fans of the religion which they belong, they believe they have the truth and thiscan not be questioned by anyone. Besides, they do not reason and do not support discussions about it. For these people convincing someone, to adopt their religion, become an obsession and may evencommit acts causing the death of those who do not share the customs of the religion that they practice. But why do people get blinding conduct with the religion that they belong to? Nowadays, there aremany religions that are created for other purposes totally different, which are led by people who have a high power to persuade and involve weak people, those who during their lives have not adopted...
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