First settlers in america.

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* First Settlers in America.
There are so many theories about the population of America & who arrived first. We are going to discuss some of the most common theories & the most acceptedones.
Some People say that the first were the Olmec culture, some others that by the Bering Strait. Others confirm that were colonies from Asia & Australia.
This is a controversial subject,because there are a LOT of theories, the most famous & the most accepted one is that Cristobal Colón was the first person that arrived here, but there are so many other comments that this is not true.They say that before he arrived, other cultures had been there for a long time.
Other routes of the America’s entrance have been proposed; like the maritime colonization by the pacific coast, routesfrom Polynesia or Melanesia. Australia is one of the other one.
There are two other common routes, but they were not proved.
1. - It was proposed in 1928, Mendez Coreira said that they arrivedfollowing a trajectory that united Australia, the Antarctica & America´s coasts.
2. - It was proposed by Paul Rivet in 1943, he suggested one route that connected the Melanesia with the Polynesia& the American coasts.
All the routes are rejected because there are no probes of them.
The first theory & the most common, is the Bering Strait: the first human beings that settledAmerica, were people from Asia. Between Siberia & Alaska there is a maritime passage called “the Bering strait”, which measure is more than 80 km.
The Wisconsin glaciation between the 80 000 & 7000B.Sc. Covered with ice the Asia extreme & one part of North America, but one of the territory was not covered. “The Bering Strait”, was a land bridge that was between these two continents.40000 & 60000 thousand years, was when the population form Asia started to arrive.
The elevated temperature divided the mass in 2 big plates: the range & the Laurentidas one; & thanks to...
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