Florida Mktg Plan

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Defining the problem: is falling demand due to an oil spill.
Needs Analysis:
* Promote travel and drive visitation to and within Florida.
* Growing itsshare in key origin states, markets and customer segments.
* Provide leadership to ensure the Florida tourism industry is competitive and sustainable
* Become the trusted source of travelinformation that informs and inspires travel to and within Florida
* Increase brand relevance.
Maintain an 80 percent satisfaction level of VISITFLORIDA
Market Segmentation:
To optimize messaging, distribution channels and timing: segments are aligned in three clusters: Marketing Priority, Growth Opportunity and Specialty or Niche Travel.
1.Marketing Priority:

* The connected Generation: includes young, “wired” professionals who are comprised of members of the Generation x cohort and Millennials.
* The Couples segment: iscomprised of couples traveling without children (whether they have children in the household or not.) This segment includes both younger couples and empty-nesters, though couples 50 years and olderaccount for nearly two-thirds of the total couples who travel to Florida.
* The young families segment: is comprised of families with children in the household under 13 years of age.

2. GrowthOpportunity:

* African-Americans
* Hispanic-Americans
* Luxury Travelers

3. Niche Travel:

* Boating, Fishing and Outdoor Enthusiasts
* Cultural-Heritage Travelers
* Gayand Lesbian Travelers
* Golfers

Choice of strategy:

1. Since these Marketing Priority consumers represent the biggest immediate return on Florida’s advertising investment, they willmerit the biggest proportion of VISIT FLORIDA advertising expenditures.
2. For advertising purposes, Growth Opportunity segments will primarily be targeted as part of the general market media buy,...
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