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2007. Food on the web: a sticky business

Coca Cola Company

This page is consumer-oriented, therefore, it is very colorful, animated andappealing.
The company information is very complete, it has information about the company, it’s history, it’s growth, the corporate responsibility, including their commitments to sustainable communities,their legacy, economic and investors information, employement information, news related to what is happening in the company, ways to contact them and, of course, information about their brands, includingall the products sold all over the world, and it’s uses, nutritional info and ingredients.

There are “challenges” to encourage the consumer to elaborate a character or a theme song for the company,and this way, they get them involved on it. It also allows people to view commercials or download music.

FDA Food and Drug Administration web page.

On the home page, thefirst thing that can be noticed are the FDA news, mainly regarding recalls. There is also a box that contains a list of the products that this company regulates. Each product can be clicked to open anew page. By clicking on the Food item, the consumer is taken to the CFSAN page (Center for Food Safety and Nutrition).

In the CFSAN page, there are more recent news, this time about food componentsand product safety, there are links to all the national food safety programs, and some program areas, such as the HACCP or the foodborne illness. There are some special interest areas, so that kids,seniors, health professionals and non-english speakers can also find useful information. Finally, other sources of information are listed for a wide coverage.

FAO Food and Agriculture Organizationof the United Nations.

FAO is an organization that tries to defeat hunger. It helps on the food trade acting as a neutral forum, they also help developing countries and...
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