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Concepts of Parenthood

Helping children learn with time what rules of Bx are.
-Parents as Educators

Models of Socialization
-Family Systems theory: how afamily functions
Rules that govern bx of members
-Roes assigned to regulate bx
-Family strives to maintain stability over time, adapts or makes changes in rules, bxs, roles, and goals.
-Family membersexperience developmental changes, resolve IP conflicts, confront crises that challenge effective functioning.

* ‘Subsystem
* -Marital Relationship
* -Sibling relationships
*-Subsystem mirror functioning of larger system (family)
* Parenthood- A developmental Role
* -Parenting x and interaction must adapt with developmental changes in children
*-Parent’s own personal development affects his/her caregiving bx.
* -Parental role is sensitive and responsive to changes within the family system (ex, divorce, death, etc)
* ‘Parenthoodis a Social Contract
* -Parental role- a social institution based on values, beliefs, norms, and bxs that focus on procreation and need to care for young.
* -Each culture and subculturedefines appropriate bx for this role.
* -Parental role considered to be of higher moral stature.
* -People who are not parents may be devaluated by societies.
* ‘Historical changes in PC-Child Relations (like ancient Greece and rome)
* Childhood ended at 5-7
* -wet nurses, cared for nobility’s infant till age of 2.
* -began to see children as distinct and separateentities from adults
* -advice on how to provide discipline
* ‘During the Industrial Revolution (Calvanism)
* ‘Environmentalism- Influenced by writtings of Johhn Locke and histheory of development.
* Tabula Rasa-Children born with empty minds and personalities.
* Less harsh- emphasized model of bx
* ‘Early Devlopmentalism:
* children ignorant of right...
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