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2 correct thense sentences.
b. she were cooking dinner for her family.
c. he was remembering his homework yesterday.
d. they was listened to the radio.
e. I did my homework when the phone rang.f. you were speak too loudly.
g. we did watching TV last night.
3 underline the correct form.
a. Dave arrived/was arriving at Sue’s house at 19:30, but she wasn’t there. She did/was doing someshopping at the supermarket.
b. At this time last week, we lay/were lying on a beach in the sun.
c. A. I phone/was phoning you yesterday after school. Where were you?
b. oh. My mobile was offbecause I rehearsed/was rehearsing for the concert on Saturday.
d. when I walked/was walking into the class, the teacher talk/was talking about the new course.
e. a. what did you do/were you doingwhen the alarm went off?
b. I did/was doing an experiment in the science laboratory.
f. I watched/I watching the episode on TV when the electricity went off. Can you tell me what happened/washappening?
g. Derek told me/was telling me about the match, but I did/was doing something on the computer at the time so I can´t tell you what he said/was saying.
h. what a coincidence! When youcalled/were calling I thought/was thinking about you.
i. the titanic crossed/was crossing the Atlantic when it hit/was hitting an iceberg.
j. my unclelived/was living in Berlin for ten years. In fact he lived/was living there in 1999 when the Berlin wall came down.
2 sentencias de thense correctas.
b. ella cocinaba la cena para su familia.
c.él recordaba su tarea ayer.
d. los escucharon a la radio.
e. Hice mi tarea cuando el teléfono sonó.
f. usted era hablan demasiado fuerte.
g. hicimos la TV de mirada anoche .
3 subrayan laforma correcta.
a. Dave llega/es llegando a la casa de Sue en 19:30, pero ella no estaba allí. Ella es haciendo algunas compras en el supermercado.
b. En este tiempo la semana pasada,...
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