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Exercises 2

Complete the sentences using one of the following:

Cause(s) Close(s) Drink(s) Live(s) Open(s) Speak(s) Take(s) Place

1. Ann speaks German very well.

2. I never drinkscoffee.

3. The swimming pool open at 9 o’clock and close at 18.30 every day.

4. Bad driving cause many accidents.

5. My parents live in a very small flat.

6. The olympic gamesplace every four years.

Putt he verb into the correct form:

1. Jane doesn’t drink (not/drink) tea very often.

2. What time do close (the Banks/close) in Britain?

3. ‘Where do Martin(Martin/come) from?’ ‘He’s Scottish.’

4. ‘What does you (you/do)?’ ‘I’m an electrical engineer.’

5. It doesn’t take (take) mean hour to get to Word. How long do it (it/take) you?

6. Idoesn’t play (play) the piano but I don’t not (not/play) very well.

7. I don’t understand this sentence. What does Word (this/Word/mean)?

Use one of the following verbs to complete these sentences.Sometimes you need the negative.

Belive Eat Flow Go Grow Make Rise Tell Translate

1. The earth goes round the sun.

2. Rice doesn’t grow in Britain.

3. Thesun rise in the east.

4. Bees make honey.

5. Vegetarians doesn’t eats meat.

6. An atheist doesn’t belive in God.

7. An interpreter translates from one language into another.8. A liar is someone who doesn’t tells the truth.

9. The River Amazon doesn’t flow into the Atlantic Ocean.

Ask Liz questions about herself and her family.

1. You know that Lizplays tennis. You want to know how often. Ask her. How often do you play tennis?

2. Perhaps Liz’s sister plays tennis too. You want to know. Ask Liz do your sister play tennis?3. You know that Liz reads a newspaper every day. You want to know which one. Ask her. Do you which newspaper?

4. You know that Liz’s brother Works. You want to know what he does. Ask...
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