Gate Test 4 Grade

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Read these two tales about luck. Think about how the stories are alike and how they are different.

|A Tip o’ the Hat |
|A Tale from Ireland|
|1 Times were hard for Grady O’Hara’s family in Donegal, |
|Ireland. For months they had lived on porridge alone. One |
|day Maggie O’Hara said to her husband, “Grady,you must |
|find work before we all starve.” |
|2 Grady traveled many miles, yet he found no work.|
|Weary, he rested against a hill covered in soft green clover. |
|As he dozed, Grady began to hear music. It seemed to be coming |
|from within the hill. Parting theclover, Grady discovered a |
|cave opening just big enough to squeeze his body through. |
|The wee cave was full of fairies. This was good, for in Ireland|
|fairies must give a gift to a human who finds them. |
|3 The fairies offered Grady a fine iron pot. “Placed over |
|fire,”said their leader,“it instantly fills with food. Go now, |
|but tell no one of your luck.” |
|4 Grady headed home, but darkness soon fell. He came to a farmhouse and asked the owners if he could|
|stay there overnight. The Hanahans, who lived there, said he could stay, but a few potatoes were all they had |
|for dinner. Well, Grady’s hunger was as fierce as a lion’s. He couldn’t help showing off his new pot. They all |
|enjoyed a granddinner, and Grady went to bed with a full stomach. |
|5 The next morning, Grady went home. He wanted to show his family the pot and to feed everyone a great |
|meal. When he put the pot over the fire, though, nothing happened. Looking closely, Gradyrealized that it |
|was not the same pot! As he had slept soundly, the Hanahans had traded their pot for his. |
|6 Grady went to the fairies, and they agreed to trick the Hanahans. The fairies gave Grady an ugly green hat |
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