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ODD : No – 2 - Strange – Weird - Not logic.
EVEN : Equal, matches- fair – 50%/50%
PUT THROUGH : To connect on the phone.
WILL YOU HOLD ON : Wait please on the phone.
OVERSEAS :Adj. Non domestic – International
CABINET : Shelves
OUT OF : 16/20 sixteen out of twenty = Without - Nothing – Lack of (Out of employ = without employ) = Not have
WORKOUT = Verb to exercise – toprepare – to organize. (I work it out and send it to inmediatly)
HOW LONG = Duration of time. A - Situations : How long does the film last ?

B – People - How long does she take to finish cookingLEFT :
TENNIS COURT = Tennis field
MAKE UP = It ruins,
TO PAGE = Sent a message –
PAGER = Equipment
VMS = Voice Mail System
TO REACH : To contact – to call
SWITCHBOARD : It is equipment toconnect calls, To put someone through = operations.
COMMUTERS : Person that travel from home to work – To commute making the trip.
TO REPLAY : To rewind – put it back
TO REPLY: Answer
What is left = Que quedan
How many Left
LEFT How many bottles of wine are left ?

11:45 : A quarter to twelve
To replay : To rewind – put it back
To reply :Contestar
Pound key : Asterisco *
Switchboard : It is equipment to connect call – to put someone through – operations
Commuter : Person that travel from home to work
To commute : Making the tripHorse riding
Same pase
Mare : Yegua
Pork : It is a dead pig
Pork rib : costillas de cerdo

Death : Noun – Muerte
Dead : Adj – Muerto
Die : Verb _ Morír

The truth ( Noun)
It is trae (adject)Look! I´m telling you the whole truth
This is the biggest truth I´ve (ever ) heard (ever)
She seems to be a true person (reliable – confident).
Don´t wonder this is true life

EXPRESSIONS :At once = get at once
Let me lower the volume = Turn it down
What a pity = what a shame ( Que jartera)
I’ll put you through
Will hold you, please
When you are on the phone
Please, quit...
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