Good salaries and the job

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People Work Better If They Are Paid More

Nowadays, the worker people have been affected by the labor reform, named Law 100, because the good salaries have gone decreased. This situation inmany companies have been the principal reason of that the workers are renouncing. But other social problem named unemployment is the fear of many worker people, and for they is more important to havea job, without to have present if the salary is good or bad. Nevertheless, the salary is an important factor that can influence in the fulfillment of the workers, but it can be also a big risk for anemployee.

A good salary in a job, can be important because an employee can work very well, then the salary can be a motivation for the worker. If the worker is satisfied and content in thejob, he can have a excellent fulfillment in his activities. Many professional people search a good employment, where they can work in their professional area, but they also pretend a better salary,because their professional career had been very expensive, and is right to stimulate and recognize their effort. Also, when the workers have many obligations, they search a job with a good salary forthey can maintain his family and satisfy their necessities.

Though the salary and the benefits are important for the employees, many worker people value more the not monetary benefits. Thosebenefits can do to feel very well to workers, because they will be comfortable and their life will be better. In the actuality, a job is considered something more that a place where people realize manyactivities and receive a money. The salary isn’t very important, is more important the emotional salary, this is a factor that can influence in the well fulfillment of the workers.

I thinkthat is necessary to have a good salary, but for me is more important that I have a job where I can be peaceful, where I don’t have pressures, where the chiefs value me as a person who can contribute...
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