Graficas de variables macro economicas (en ingles)

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Unemployment in Mexico:

Unemployment is the not occupied part of a country that don’t have a salary and an use less end
There are different kinds of unemployment but in Mexico the most viewed ones are the
Structural unemployment that is that a lot of workers make the same work so there is people that will not have employee by this situation
Seasonal unemployment that is in the seasons ofthe year people have employee and in others they don’t have any employee
Frictional unemployment is the situation that a person passes when he changes of work for another better or for something that likes more

In 1976 due to the global crisis for the increase of the production of the oil because this made that all the merchandise that came from Mexico would not be bought by the Internationalcountries this made that the companies should fire their employments or get in bankruptcy also this made that the big capitalists run away from Mexico and make their inversions in more stable countries the solution for this crisis was the devalued of the Mexican peso but this was partial
In 1982 the oil crisis because Lopez Portillo made that the external debt grew up by asking for a loan toincrease the production of petroleum because the price of the petroleum was 45 dollars for barrel so Mexico depended of the petroleum basically but whe Mexico thought that was going to became a big economy the other countries that were exporters found more petroleum and made that the petroleum go to the price of 15 dollars the barrel so this we know it by the crisis of the petroleum
In 1995 thecrisis by keeping a lot of problems in the economy in Mexico first Mexico got a lot of money but then by the problems that Mexico was carrying all the economy turn the face and made that the economy of Mexico went down the PIB got to -21% and made that all the Mexicans start to fire their employments and made that the companies began to fail

The inflation is the increase of somearticles year by year the increase can be like ten percent or more the increases that goes over fifty percent is called hyperinflation
There are different types of inflation:
Monetary inflation:
Is caused because the offer of the money is over the rate of increasing of the demand of the money
Demand inflation:
The prices increase because the product is low and the people ask for it to muchCost inflation:
Is because the price of the realization of the product is expensive and that causes that the product is expensive for the consumer
Inertial Inflation:
Is the inflation of the products because the price of other product increase
Mexico Inflation
The prices in Mexico have been increasing year by year cause the inflation
In 1976 by the crisis of the increase ofproduction of oil made that the inflation go to 27.20%
In 1982 the chaos of Lopez Portillo inflation 98.85% by the petroleum crisis
In 1983 80.78% because of the increase of the external doubt increased to the 90.3%of the PIB of Mexico
In 1986 105% By the payment of 85184 MDD to the external debt
In 1987 159.17% because the Price of the petroleum go down more 11 dollars the barrel
In 1995 51% theugliest crisis of Zedillo Because of the devaluation of 38% of the peso

In 1993 the situation of Mexico gets stable by an temporal investment the inflation goes to 8.07%
In 1999 the free trade commerce to Europe is signed the inflation goes to 12.32%
Gross Domestic Product
Is the value that all the articles of a country have so in an economy you could make an average of the kind of lifethat the habitants of that country have

In 1972 New investments of external capital de PIB rises 8% investment to the country
In 1979 More investment Increase of the investment from the government the PIB rises to 9.70%
In 1997 there is a program to improve the petroleum area and the PIB grows 6.87%
In 1983 due to the crisis of the 1982 the PIB goes to -3.04%
In 1995 Zedillo is having...
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