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Essay part

a. Complete exercises 2 and 4 on page 13 in your textbook.

Exercise 2 My photos
Complete the sentences. Use this or these.
1. These are myphotos.
2. This is my mother.
3. These are my sisters.
4. This is my father.
5. This is my apartment.
6. These are my friends.
7. Is this your cat?
8. Arethese your keys?

Exercise 4 Editing
Correct these conversations. There are five mistakes. The first one is already corrected.

1. A: These is my friend Pedro. (This is myfriend Pedro.)
B: Nice to meet you Pedro.

2. A: This are my brothers. (These are my brothers)
B: Hello. Nice to meet you both.

3. A: This() my partner,Ahmed. (This is my partner, Ahmed)
B: Hi, Ahmed.

4. A:Is these your books? (Are these your books?)
B: No, They () not.(No, They are not)

b. Complete exercise 4 on page 22 in your textbook.

Exercise 4 A letter
Complete the letter. Choose form the words in parentheses.

Dear Mom and Dad,Amy and I are in Seattle. We are not at the Western Hotel now, it was expensive and far from everything. We’re at a youth hostel on Second Avenue. It’s clean. It’s not expensive. And allthe people here are friendly.

We love Seattle! It’s a beautiful city, and the food is delicious, especially the Asian dishes. It’s cool at night, and you often need an umbrella. But we’rehappy to be here.

I hope you are fine. Send my love to Aunt Kitty.



c. Complete exercise 5 on page 30 in your textbook.

Exercise 5 Editing
Correct these conversations.There are seven mistakes. The first one is already corrected.

1. A: Are those your key? (Are those your keys?)
B: No they () her keys....
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