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UNIT 1 Lesson 1
A. Complete the sentence with the present perfecto r the simple past tense.
I’ve lived in Sao Paulo, Brazil all my life.However, I have been to a lot of other places too. I have flaying Europe three times. In 1999, I went to Amsterdam, Vienna, and Prague. It was a wonderful trip. I visited Europe again in 2000 and 2003. On that trip, I climbed the EiffelTower in Paris, went sightseeing in London, and saw a bullfight in Madrid. Of course, Itraveled all over Latin America too. In 2004, I toured the United States and Canada for the first time. I haven’t been to Asia, but I’d really like to go.
B. Use the topics to write questions with What or Which in the present perfect.Then write answers to the questions in your own way.
1. (Big cities) What big cities have you visited?
Answer: I have visited Bogotá Colombia.
2. (New songs) Which new songs you have you sung?
Answer: I have sing “La gota que colma”and nirvana.
3. (Restaurants) which restaurants have you visited?
Answer: I have visited la bella Italia.
4. (Airlines) Which airlines have you used?
Answer: Ihave used tame airlines .
5. (Movies) What movie have you seen?
Answer: I have seen saw.
UNIT 1 Lesson 2
A. Rewrite each statement or question with already or yet
1. (Yet) Has she finished the book? Hasn’t finished the book yet?
2. (Yet) They haven’t seen the movie. Haven’t see the movie yet.
3. (Already) We’ve tried wild rice several times. We’ve already have try wild riceseveral times.
4. (Already) Has your father left Has your father already left?
B. Rewrite each sentence with already or yet.
1. I haven’t had dinner. I haven’t have dinner yet.
2. She’s been to London, Berlin, and Rome. She’s already been to London, Berlin and Rome.
3. They haven’t called home. They haven’t called home yet.
4. We’ve finished our class. We’ve already finished ourclass.
C. Answer the questions, using real information. If the answer is yes, write when this happened.
1. Have you ever gone on a cruise? No, I haven’t.
2. Have you ever tried Indian food? No, I haven’t.
3. Have you ever been to Hawaii? No, I haven’t.
4. Have you ever met a famous person? Yes, I have met K-seo a singer of rap.
5. Have you ever gone scuba diving? No, I haven’tUNIT 2 Lesson 1
A. Complete each statement with the present perfect continuous.
1. Seabiscuit has been playing at the Park Lane Classic Cinema since April.
2. Robert has been waiting in the ticket holders’ line for a pretty long time.
3. People have worrying about violence in movies since the sixties.
4. I have talking about that movie with everyone for weeks.
5. We has beencoming to this movie theater for two years.
B. Read the sentences. Check if the sentence describes an unfinished (continuous) action.
Then rewrite those sentences in the present perfect continuous.
1. The Grants have lived in Buenos Aires since the late seventies. The grant’s have been living
2. Their friends have already visited them.
3. We have waited to see youfor three years. We have been waiting to see you for three years.
4. This is the first time I’ve visited Paris.
5. We have eaten in that great Indian restaurant for years. We have been eating in that great Indian restaurant for years.
6. Has she ever met your teacher?
7. How long have you studied Chinese? How long have you been studying Chinese?
8. Mychildren have just come back from the movies.
C. Write the present participle for the following base forms.
1. Find finding 12. Speak speaking 23. Eat eating
2. Be being 13. Hear hearing 24. Pay paying
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