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In the green
Since becoming green is starting to been a concern, some business like the hospitality industry are starting to look for a change in their management , the reason is not onlyenvironmental concern, but also because this also helps the profits, the main point of a business.
For Marcos Cordero, CEO of the Green Business Bureau, a Houston- based for-profit organization energymanagement is a critical element for sustainability, for him, “energy and waste reduction initiatives are the gifts that keep on giving. As energy costs continue to increase at a rate greater than inflation,hotels that aren´t optimizing their energy and waste will become increasingly less competitive”.
Bob Holesko, vice president of facilities for HEI Hotels and resorts, a firm honoured by the U.S.environmental agency and the U.S. department of energy as Energy star Partner of the year, agrees with that since he identifies lighting retrofits among the simplest green initiatives for any hotel, andyield a payback in less than a year.
He says that to replace 100-watt incandescent for 20-watt compact fluorescent saves 80%, and provides the same light output, he also mention in HEI´s more than10,000 guestrooms, which is the 90%, have programmable thermostats, which have a ROI from about two to four years depending on gas and electric rates in a given area.
Other important factor to lookforward to are the guests, for example, Czarnecki mention that at Fairmont Pittsburgh, an enzyme –based digester, which composts food scraps and sends the byproduct into the wastewater stream,essentially eliminating up to 20 tons of food waste monthly, although the cost of US $23,700, is worth, not only because of cost savings from fewer truck runs to pick up the garbage, but also because thedigester obviates the need for a smelly dumpster that could attract pests.
Also some guests give particular importance to the environment, especially those on business, have started looking for...
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