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1. a) colonial habits first chapter
    b)Steve Stern's Book, Colonial Habits
    c) Doug Cope, 1st chapter
     Two Faces of honor
    d)Doug Cope core Chapters
    e) Recreating Africa/ DougCope, Urban slavery lecture Oct26th

2. Deracination- stripping away of culture
         Rural:Sugar plantation-La Ultima Cena; Children of Gods Fire, Palmares, Sweet book, HaitianRevolution
         Mining: Oct 26th lecture
         Urban: Doug Cope, Oct 26th
         Rural: Arucanians in Chile; Steve Stern, Andean Rebellion, Taki Onquy compare with Tupacamuru (T.Katari) Pueblos
         Mining: Oct 8th lecture, Mitas
         Urban: Doug Cope-Urban Indigenous rebellion

3. a). Andean religious practices and beliefs before and after the Conquest
           Lecture on precolumbian / rebellions / why kill the Spaniard 

b). Aztecs rituals and myths prior and subsequent to the Conquest
            Broken Spears / Myths of the White God / Cost of Couragec). Women's participation in Catholic religious institutions
            Colonial Habits / Sor Juana           
d). Pueblo practices before and after the arrival of the Spaniards 
           Pueblo lecture (Sept. 28) / after the Pueblo, establishing the missions and men empowerment

e). Afro-Brazilian religious practices
           James Sweet

* women in convents had to go through males to do things and had to answer to male superiors, but still had power
* men didn’t live in cloisters, lots of power within town and family
*most elite families tried to put children into religious orders (church had important role in community)
* women took religious vows because: wives escaping abusive marriages, yearning a femalecommunity (rather than male dominance?), wanted power, education (literacy), (occasionally religious devotion)
* convents limited movement severely, but also opened up opportunities
* Sor...
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