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Sarai Pleitez
Mr. Coogan
AP English 11-4
01 August 2011
We Can Cure Hunger
One billion people wake up every day to find out that they do not have food to feed themselves or their families.Josette Sheeran is the head of the United Nation World Food Program and she believes that hunger can end now. There is sufficient money in the world to feed almost everyone living in it, but why is itthat there are still billions out there that are dying due to hunger? A child should not have the option of being fed or not, they should be nourished since the day of birth. It was reasonable to nothave food in the 1800’s, but now that we are living in the 21st century it is not accurate, knowing that we have the technology, systems, and intelligence.Studies show that every ten seconds we lose a young child to hunger, that is more than HIV, AIDS, Malaria, andTuberculosis combined. According to Josette Sheeran, “food is the most fundamental expectation of every human being.” In order to survive we need the right amount of nutrition to keep us alive and ingood health. There are mothers out there who do not have the right nutrition in them to feed their newborns, causing a greater risk of malnutrition to the child. Children born without being breastfedthe first six months of their lives face a life of hardship by the age of three. Their lives will not be the same due to brain lose of about 40% and bodies that will be under grown. Helping thosefamilies survive will not only make humanity into a better place but also help us unite as one. We have the technology to create a bettersystem of food shopping. In Syria, a refugee is able to get food vouchers straight to her phone making it easier for her to buy what she wants, when she wants. Now they have the opportunity to buy...
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