Hard Day

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A Hard Day
It was Holy week when my family decides to go to Vallarta all the two weeks and I invite checo because it is the only one that was in Guadalajara in that moment.
In the way to Vallartait was vey quiet the sound of the lonely street and the sun was showing us his bright light it was like 6:00 o clock and 2 hours of road was waiting us, when we smelled the salty ocean, the fish, andthe feeling f heat in the night we know that we are getting to our destiny, then I recognize a plaza that is close to my department so I said “finally we are here!” and we start to picking out the bagsand put them into the department.
At the next morning we want to go fishing in the rocks in front of my department so we take the fishing rods and put some shrimp in the hook and went to the rocks,when we arrive to the rocks we can not see fishes from their so we decide to go to another rock, but that rock was in the middle of the ocean!, and we have to swim to get their, it was very dangerousbut we have to make it, we jumped into the cold ocean and swim to reach the rock, when we finally get I front of the rock we climb it and reach the top and there were thousands of urchin in the middleof the rock.
In the other side of the rock is where we have to go to finally get some fishes so we have to surround the rock to get there but the way was very narrow and if we fall down thousands ofurchin will sting us, so we have to very carefully when we were in the middle of the narrow way I see a giant wave coming to us!.
We start running but it was very late, the wave reach us and takeus down to the other rock, in that moment I remember when I fall down from a bicycle and the brake was In my leg, fortunately we fall in a part of the rock that do not have urchins but when I wasstanding up my hands were scratched like if I take a knife and cut them, checo look at his arm and it was full of blood, we start screaming Help!, Help! And the lifesaver finally arrive but he was in the...
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