Hello My Name Is Adorable

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Hello everyone my name is adorable, i love using tumblr i also have a pet name Hans he is adorable he is a dog sheperd, it is very hasrd totrain him, but anyways he is getting better. I also have more pets actually I have 5 pets because today I bought a hamster, his nema is coco he isreally sweet. I use to have 2 bunnies but one escaped, so I just have my bunny Copito, his fur is like gray and in the sun turn like blue is veryfunny. Cripi is my cocktail he is really cute, and he look himself at the mirror he starts singing because he thinks there’s another bird in front ofhim. And my last pet is my little dog Chewy he is a shitzu, he is so so so so kind and sweet I don’t think he will hurt anybody or anything, Ilove him very very very much. When I grow up I want to be a designer, I will be very famous and people will have a beautiful house, a beautifulhusband, and 3 little children and one will be called Elena this is because I am watching vampire diaries, I certainly can understand Katharine forchoosing Damon and Stefan at the same time ( cute little brothers) bout although I understand her, I don’t think is the right thing. If I was ElenaI will tell Damon or Stefan to turm me into a vampire ( what a nice thing, it will be to run as fast as you can) but being a vampire has good andbad things I think that the thing that most suck is that technically you “live” forever, but forever isn’t a long time with the one you love…
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