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The world is passing through an economical crisis and Colombia is not the exception, that makes small and big companies to reduce their budget on investment specially in advertising, this type of advertising is an innovation in our country, it consist in communicate the companies with their clients and ulink will be the intermediate and also a partner of this companies,companies pay for having their names and advertising in the notebook and ulink provide for free this notebook to the students that are the target of this companies.
This is a time to think in new ways of making publicity, now that people are reluctant to consume, and companies need to sell products and services to be out of the crisis, this kind of alternative means less cost, more impact whichmeans more earnings and the acquisition of new clients.
This following marketing plan is about ulink, this company born in july 2009, is dedicated to market notebooks as an alternative advertising media, every semester the company provide free notebook to students of the most prestigious universities in Medellin city, and companies which target are those students pay for having advertise theircompanies in the notebook.
Ulink is a small company and as one have a limited budget that comes from the companies that advertise there, so they need to attract new companies in order to provide more notebooks to the students. In order to do that exploring and having more participating is possible only with the application of marketing tactics and strategies.

Ulink is acompany dedicated to market notebooks as an alternative advertising media. Every semester Ulink provides free quality notebooks to the universities, with advertisements inside. The notebook has five subject divisions with impressive and colorful advertisements and discount coupons. Those are the products offered to companies that target the university market.
The notebook is part of the student’sdaily life, taking into consideration that students have to take notes on a daily basis, at school and at home.
Ulink was created in March of 2009, in July, of the same year 10 000 notebooks were distributed in almost all of the most important universities in Medellín such as EAFIT, CES, Escuela de Ingeniería de Antioquia, and La Salle.
The first companies to participate and publish their ads inthe very first Ulink edition are: Hooters, Mimo’s, Bronzini, People, Snickers, Yokomotor, Agenciauto, Autoamerica, Sufi, Swiss Andina, Body Armor, IStore and Gobernación de Antioquia.

Market Needs
 Companies need an effective mean of advertising and communication.
 Increasing sales.
 Position ulink as a recognized brand in the advertisement business.
 Everycompany needs an effective advertising media to attract more customers and increase their sales day after day. Ulink offers an alternative advertising source with a huge number of impacts and focusing directly to the university market.
 In the case of users, every university student needs a practice notebook to take notes in every class, make exercises, and study for the exams.

Market Needs(Customers)
Stated needs Companies need to advertise
Real needs Companies need an effective advertising mean, to attract their target and increase their sales.
Unstated needs The advert has to be located strategically, with great impact
Delight needs The students will use the notebook ,the discount coupons and will be attracted by the companies.

Market Needs (Users , students)
Statedneeds The user needs to study and be prepared for the future
Real needs The student needs to take notes
Unstated needs Ulink offers a product that satisfies the users in price and quality. The notebook is free.
Delight needs The students will receive discounts coupons

Market Trends
During the last couple years, most of the countries around the world have suffered, directly or indirectly, the...
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